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Have you spent hours looking through websites for the answers to your investment questions? Looking for the latest bit of information that will confirm your decision? How can you get to the detail that you need from the ever increasing availability of data and “sound bites” from the financial media telling you to buy or sell before you miss out? My website was started to empower and educate investors providing insight and information allowing them to make decisions with confidence. Using a combination of fundamental and evidence based analysis I hope to help you construct a framework for your investment decisions. Investment should be an enjoyable experience that ultimately brings a reasonable long term return – hopefully without too many scary days!

So, what makes this website different?

The investment landscape has changed immeasurably over the last few years and the ability for individuals to take charge of their decisions has been made possible as financial information previously the preserve of the professional. So far so good but is it as easy as it seems? I have worked in Financial Services for nearly twenty years, studying – and trying – a number of different investment strategies; during this time I have found that the most successful are often the tried and tested. The answers, I believe, lie in a combination of old fashioned fundamental analysis coupled with what is best described as “evidence based” investment. By following these two approaches a framework for your investment decisions can be created without the need to absorb huge amounts of news and data (let’s face it our brains can’t handle it all, we get information overload and that equals bad decisions). Click on these short presentations to see how it works!

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What can you expect from your subscription?

Access to my blog and some historic information is free; hopefully this will give you a flavour of what the website is all about – but why not subscribe and receive all thisinvestment education uk ftse For the individual investor the route to successful long term tax efficient returns over the long term is never easy; there will always be periods that will be uncomfortable but if you are in it for the long term take the time to build your knowledge that will ultimately give you the confidence to take responsibility for your investment decisions.

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