The investment landscape has changed immeasurable over the last few years as more and more individuals choose to take charge of their investment decisions.

My website was started to empower and educate investors – which if you are reading this we assume you are! – providing insight and information that will allow you to make decisions with confidence.

– Andrew Chorley, UK,  2015

So what makes this website different from other sources of information?

  • Using a combination of fundamental and evidence based analysis we can help you construct a framework for your investment decisions.
  • Fundamental analysis is complex our reviews focus on what’s important and relevant when you are considering different companies and their suitability for your portfolio.
  • “History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme” is a quote attributed to Mark Twain and using evidence based analysis allows you to see where you are in relation to history.

About Andrew… the important bits

I’m a dad of two boys and have a fantastic wife that accepts my obsession with detail and understands how important my projects are to me.

When I’m not in the financial world I can be found early in the morning training at Crossfit Cardiff or taking trips away with the family in our 1976 VW Westfalia Camper Van (driving to our chosen destinations is invariably like investing…….its takes time!)

andrew and boys

*Me and the boys at Three Cliffs (worth the trek!)

About Andrew… the *boring* bits

I have worked in Financial Services for over eighteen years and developed a focus on investment that is a combination of old fashioned fundamental analysis and evidence based investment (perhaps a legacy of studying history at University!).

Working in this industry I have found that it is often easy to be seduced by the latest media “sound bite” or comment from a “star manager”; whereas thoughtful and considered analysis of situations that challenges the convention results in far more satisfying investment outcomes.

I have studied various different investment styles in my career and hold the following qualifications that provide me with a broad range of experience: –

  • FCSI – Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments
  • Chartered Wealth Manager
  • IMC – Investment Management Certificate from the UK CFA Society
  • Chartered Financial Planner
  • FPFS – Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • CFP – Certified Financial Planner

my office

*My office, after a massive tidy-athon

By starting this website I hope to help and encourage more investors to take charge of their decisions with the type of confidence that knowledge and understanding can bring; focusing on their long term objectives that must always be to achieve durable investment growth over many years.

van for inspiration

*”The van” – my best investment yet!

Investment is a process

Find out the factors that we use to choose and time stock purchases